To connect CORE to your AppleWatch, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the iPhone and the AppleWatch have the latest OS version installed.

  2. Download and install the CORE phone app.

  3. Install the CORE watch app on your AppleWatch:
    - Open the app store on your AppleWatch.
    - Search for the CORE watch app (use the keywords "core" and "corebodytemp").
    - Install and start the CORE watch app.

  4. Wear CORE for a few minutes (if you do not wear CORE, no valid temperature will be broadcast).

  5. Start the core app:
    - Connect the app to your CORE device.
    - In the CORE app, go to settings (cogwheel on the top right).
    - You will see an option "apple watch". Select "ENABLED".
    - Keep the CORE app running in the background.

If all the previous steps were successful, the temperature should show up on your apple watch.

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