CORE is designed to withstand 10,000 hours of normal use.

For the best performance, store the CORE sensor in a cool location and try not to leave it without charge for extended periods of time.

Currently it is recommended to charge once per week. Following the planned July 2021 update, the deep sleep function will allow the CORE sensor battery (without active use) to run for three weeks before charging is recommended.

CORE lifetime data

Testing Procedure

Following test conditions were defined by the customer:

  • Temperature: 60 °C

  • Humidity: 90% RH

  • Test Duration: 340 hours / 14 days + 4 hours

Other conditions:

  • A) Device stays in operating state (ON) throughout the test

  • B) Device must be recharged at T<40°C every 5 days (or less)

Device was put in “logging mode” throughout the test. “CL 1” was paired with a HR monitor to induce periodic ANT scan (increased power consumption)

Test was interrupted at day 4, day 9 and day 12 to recharge the devices and download logging data.

Length of data log was limited to 3.5 days due to the size of the internal storage of the DUT. DUT integrity was verified periodically by connecting to the DUT via CORE app and noting the battery voltage value.

Detail of the charging pins of CORE

No Signs of corrosion of the charging pins

Measurement Equipment

  • Climatic Test System Vötsch 4006

  • Temperature deviation in time: +/- 1K

  • Temperature deviation in space: +/- 2K

  • Humidity deviation in time: +/- 5% RH max

Testing chamber used to test CORE's durability


DUTs were put in the main chamber of the climatic test system together with a Sensirion SHT21 combined thermometer / hygrometer (precision +/- 0.3°C and +/- 2% RH) to supervise and validate set temperature and humidity.

Measurement Data

Data and Images available upon request

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