We always seek to process/fulfill orders within one working day and hand them over to the shipping providers. We also use priority and fast shipping although when transferred to national delivery suppliers and customs, delays can occur.

USA and Canada

For North American customers we dispatch directly from the US and from experience orders usually arrive within 1 week.

European Union

We dispatch from Germany and typically orders arrive within 1 week.
However, we have been experiencing significant delays for deliveries to some countries in which the shipping provider and local postal services hold the items, significantly delaying delivery without providing any updates.

United Kingdom

For orders to the United Kingdom, we dispatch from Europe (Germany), and while deliveries should arrive within 1 week, since Brexit the delivery times can be as long as 4 weeks as Royal Mail and UK customs have delayed deliveries. More information for UK orders.

Europe (non-EU)

For Eastern European (non-EU) deliveries, these should take 2 weeks. However, local postal services can delay delivery up to 4 weeks.

Australia, Asia, and South America

Delivery times widely change depending on the country of destination. However, below you will find some reasonable expectations based on our previous experience:

  1. Hong Kong: 7 days delivery

  2. Japan: 5 to 10 days delivery

  3. Australia: 5 to 7 days delivery

  4. South Africa: 8 days delivery

  5. China: 17 days delivery

Although we dispatch fast and the delivery usually arrives in the destination country in days, we have recognized that there are sometimes significant delays with customs services who may hold the delivery for up to 6 weeks without further notification. We have also seen significant delays once released from customs, where the order does not leave the dispatch centers or local postage services are unreliable.

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