The CORE charging cable is convenient with the magnetic connection and it can be powered from most devices with a standard USB port. However there are a few things you can do to take care of your cable and ensure you get a long lifespan.

Avoid water, moisture and high humidity
While the cable is designed to try to resist, it is not a water-proof device can can corrode or fail if it gets wet.

Avoid sweat
the CORE uses a medical grade plastic and can be cleaned and sanitised with disinfectant - however the contacts on the cable can become susceptible if exposed to sweat.

Be careful with your charging cable for CORE. Water can corrode the pins and render it unusable.

Avoid 'shorting the cable'

The cable is magnetic which is convenient however if the cable magnetically attaches to a conductive metal item or object, this can 'short the cable' causing it to fail.

Correctly charging CORE

Some power banks will not charge CORE. The CORE Body Temperature device only draws a small amount of power and for power banks this can be too small to 'wake them up' or keep then active. Instead, please use a computer or a powered USB charger.

Recharging Frequency

CORE requires ca. 2 hours for a complete charge (from empty to full) and on a single charge will last about 5 days. Currently the CORE does not turn-off (sleep). To check that CORE is charged, shake it and the green LED will flash.

Replacement Charging Cables

The CORE includes one charging cable and additional cables or spares can be ordered.

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