For orders from the United Kingdom, the CORE ships directly from Switzerland with Swiss Post. We usually ship on the same day or following work day (depending on the time of order) and deliveries to the UK are sent as 'Express Priority Plus"

Delivery Times

Delivery should be within 7 working days however we are seeing extended delays with Royal Mail distribution centers and with Customs Processing in which they hold the delivery for extended periods without status updates. In some cases, delivery can take over 2 weeks and these delays appear to be a result of the Brexit customs backlog.

When an order is made and a tracking code provided, the status and location can be checked with the Swiss Post and Royal Mail tracking services:

Swiss Post Tracking:
Royal Mail Tracking:

Click on the detailed information ("See your items full journey") for a complete overview.

Delivery Costs

The shipping cost to the UK is CHF15 (approx. GBP 11.50)

Customs / VAT / Brokerage Fees

Customs fees (import VAT + Brokerage Fee) may be levied... however this is 'hit and miss'. In our experience, customers usually receive their order and if a fee is levied, they then also receive a letter requesting payment so there is usually no need to contact the delivery service.

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