There are a different options available and as a new technology and product, we are continuously working on expanding the integration with 3rd party software and hardware.

CORE iOS and Android App

View Live / Historical data

The CORE app allows you to connect to one or more CORE units and within the App you can see the current (live) core body temperature. An additional skin temperature sensor is also inside CORE so this data will be shown along with Heart Rate if a heart rate monitor has been paired.

The current temperature value in ºC or ºF is displayed along with maximum and minimum temperature and a plotted graph.

The CORE device stores up to 48 hours of historical data and this can be loaded and displayed (allow some time for this data to load when you connect). If the CORE device has been reset or the firmware updated, this clears all historical data.

Currently the app does not provide a download option.

• CORE iOS App Download
CORE Android Download
• CORE General setup
• CORE App Manual and Setup

Garmin and Wahoo Devices

View Live Data and Download

Ensure you have the latest firmware / software.

Many Garmin and Wahoo cycle computers / watches can be setup to connect to CORE and show live core body temperature in a data field.

Using your Wahoo device with CORE
• Using your Garmin device with CORE

When a sports activity is recorded, the core body temperature will also be logged in the FIT file.

Analysing/Viewing FIT Files from Wahoo Devices

On Wahoo devices, the core body temperature is provisionally recorded inside hemoglobin conc (g/dL) as tHb.

The FIT files recorded on Wahoo devices can be loaded into training programs such as:
• TrainingPeaks

• TrainingPeaks WK05

• TodaysPlan

• GoldenCheetah

Tip 1: Choose to display Muscle Oxygen Sensor > Total Hemoglobin (g/dL) to show the recorded core body temperature. The units may appear as tHb rather than ºC or ºF though the values will be correct.

The CORE device also transmit 'developer data' into SM02 which can be ignored.

Analysing/Viewing FIT Files from Garmin Devices

Garmin Connect (Desktop and App) will show the core body temperature data if the CORE Connect-IQ app is installed.

Ensure you update to the latest CORE Connect-IQ App and have the latest firmware installed. (Activities, Apps & More > Data Fields)

Important: After updating software, inside the Data Field > Core Body Temperature Monitor > Settings, ensure the field Backwards compatible FIT file is checked.

This is a provision solution that will allow the core body temperature metrics to be opened in popular training applications including TrainingPeaks, TodaysPlan and GoldenCheetah.

Inside the training application choose either tHb (2 decimal places) or SM02 (1 decimal place) to see the core body temperature data.

TIP: In TrainingPeaks use the scatter plot.

• For WK05 (TrainingPeaks) we have prepared a Dashboard which can be used.
(Download WK05 dashboard - 3kb zip file)

For Garmin, the ANT+ Protocol for core body temperature as a standard data field is in development.

Other Hardware and Software

Our team is working swiftly on integration with other 3rd-party hardware and software. ANT+ and BLE, integration into most platforms is comparatively simple and in many cases relies on the brands to proceed with integration.

In Development
• WearOS, TrainingPeaks, TodaysPlan, GoldenCheetah

On our radar
• SRM, Bryton, Polar, Sigma
• Zwift, Whoosh, Strava, Rouvy

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