Congratulations on getting your new CORE... let's get you started quickly.

One assumption is that you have the latest CORE app and have (if required) updated to the latest firmware (the CORE App will prompt you) and any other software (on Garmin or Wahoo) is up-to-date.

1. Pair your Heart Rate Monitor (HRM)

For sports, CORE provides accurate metrics when paired to your HRM. The HRM only needs to be paired once (and CORE will find the HRM automatically). Pairing is easy using the CORE iOS App or CORE Android App.

2. Connect your Garmin or Wahoo to CORE

Your device will automatically find CORE and records core body temperature into the FIT file.

For Garmin, use the CORE Connect-IQ app.

A short step-by-step instruction for using Garmin devices can be found here.

For Wahoo, "Add a new Sensor" and choose "Muscle Oxygen". This is a working solution, but provisional (where units display in THB rather than ºC or ºF) so be rest-assured we are working with Wahoo on the integration. Here are further instructions for Wahoo.

3. Your device can be setup to display live Core Body Temperature

The on-screen metric refreshes once per minute. On Garmin, choose the CORE data-field and on Wahoo the temporary solution is to use the Wahoo phone app to set a field using Muscle Oxygen -> Total Hemoglobin.

Tip: We have more detailed information on viewing data and recording to FIT files and analysing core body temperature data here.

4. For accurate results wear CORE correctly

Before an effort or workout, put CORE on well in advance to give it a chance to record your core body temperature (and not the temperature of the desk or sideboard).

For best results, CORE is worn on the HRM strap on the side of the torso (apical). Don't forget to use the small black tabs which are provided as these secure CORE.

CORE attached to a chest strap with the clips provided by the manufacturer.

While CORE can also be worn on an arm-strap or wrist-strap, the temperature values can differ from the torso.

5. Battery Life

CORE has a battery life of 5-6 days on one charge. With the current firmware the unit does not sleep.

6. Viewing and analysing core body temperature data

There are a range of options to both view the live core body temperature data and to record and view the data within training application.

We have prepared a complete overview:
How to View and Analyse the data from CORE

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