This is a provisional approach provided by Wahoo to connect a CORE. We are working with the team on the seamless integration of CORE.

  1. Ensure the CORE is turned on (Shake it, check LED) and is near the Wahoo
  2. Setting -> Add a new sensor
  3. Should find a ‘Muscle Oxygen’ sensor
  4. Pair the muscle oxygen sensor

To see the value displayed on the Wahoo

  • Add a new field to a Display Page via your Wahoo Phone App
  • Muscle Oxygen > Current Hemoglobin Total Concentration

Accessing Data

The core body temperature data is recorded into the FIT file where it can be loaded into your favourite application for training and ride analysis.

Note: The displayed units will be incorrect (display THB vs °C)

Note: Ignore the value for smO2 – this information is used internally for trouble shooting and algorithm verification.

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