This is a known bug from older iOS App versions, so ensure you have the newest app and firmware installed as this will resolve the issue completely.

If you experience this (and have not updated your App), this can be resolved by 'force quitting' the App.

Force Quit an iOS App

• With your finger at the bottom of the App in the middle, slowly swipe up

• The CORE App, and all other active Apps will appear fanned-out

• Then swipe the CORE App fast and this will force Quit this app

When your reopen the CORE App it will usually find and connect properly to the CORE device.

CORE Reset

While the Force Quit method and the latest CORE App update resolves the 'initializing' bug, a CORE Reset is an approach which an also resolve some issues.

Please be aware that a reset will delete any prior data.

To reset your CORE you can use the magnetic end of your charging cable (or another magnet) and sweep it across the lower section on SKIN side of the CORE. The green LED will then flash and indicate that CORE is being reset.

Following a reset, CORE will then be in sleep mode: To start recording / transmitting data, shake CORE to wake it up. The LED will flash to indicate it is awake. Also ensure the CORE is sufficiently charged.

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