In short

  • After installation, your core body temperature will automatically be recorded to the FIT file.
  • You can optionally setup a data field to show live core body temperature onscreen.

Step by Step Guide (video)

After setup, you will now be able to automatically track your core body temperature during your activities. With Garmin, your FIT files are typically manually synchronised with the Garmin Connect App or manually via USB.

If you have a Vivoactive 3 for example, this video will show you how to start and record an activity.

On other Garmin devices the procedure for starting an activity may differ, please refer to your Garmin product manual or the Garmin Support page.

TIP: Add the CORE data field to the activity inside the activity's settings so that you can see a live display of your core body temperature

If you are using multiple COREs

Insert the unique ANT ID of the specific CORE you want to connect with. You can find your CORE's ANT ID in the phone app by navigating to settings > about.

CORE data field:
Insert the ANT ID in the settings of the field in the connectIQ app and then sync your garmin device to your smartphone.

CORE widget (coming soon):

Insert the ANT ID directly in the settings of the widget.

The widget's settings can be accessed by pressing the menu button for 1s, as shown at minute 1:40 in this video:


  • When pairing and using CORE, it should be kept fairly close to your Garmin
  • If you don't spot CORE, it helps to shake CORE, as this will temporarily increase the ANT ID frequency and make sure the first connection works better.
  • Keep your CORE up-to-date! The Android and iOS Apps will automatically prompt you to update and gives you the benefit of continuing improvements.
  • If nothing else works, a magnet reset of the CORE device can help. (swipe a magnet over lower section on the SKIN side of your CORE until the LED flashes). For more detailed information on resetting your CORE follow these steps.
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