• Ensure CORE is in contact with the skin and has the correct orientation

  • Ensure CORE is being used on the correct body location

On startup or when positioning on the body:

Allow CORE some time to adapt to the new environment and predict your true core body temperature.

Why does my temperature start at 40ºC / 104ºF or 35ºC / 95ºF?
If CORE is on and has been off your body and on a desk or table, it could be calculating (and transmitting) a higher or lower temperature. In this case, then when you put CORE on your, the sensor recognises your actual core body temperature however it will ramp the temperature up / down (like the body would naturally thermoregulate) rather than skipping suddenly.

Please note, we are currently working to optimise the 'Off Body Detection' for CORE. This means when it recognises it is off the body, it will begin the calculation first when CORE is put onto your body so that the initial values are accurate.

Until then, for training and racing, we recommend putting the CORE on well in advance to ensure you get the correct temperatures when you start your training / competition.


  1. Ensure you are running on the newest CORE firmware. You should be asked to do this automatically, but here's the tutorial for more information.

  2. Ensure your app is up to date.

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