If you experience a connection problem or your app is stuck on 'Initialising' an easy way to resolve this is a reset of the CORE device.

  1. First ensure your CORE is charged with the charging cable supplied

  2. Shake CORE to ensure it is on. The green light in the upper left should blink several times


Be aware that resetting the device deletes all data saved on the CORE device.

Reset your CORE by taking a magnet and moving it across the lower section on the SKIN side (back of the CORE).

The charging cable is magnetic and can be used to reset CORE. The green LED will give visual feedback indicating that CORE is being reset.

After a reset, "shake CORE" to ensure it is on.

It is also recommended to quit the CORE smartphone app. On iOS devices, Apps remain open in the background so to completely close/quit the app, touch the CORE app and lightly scroll up. This will then reveal all of the apps that are currently open. Then swipe the CORE app upwards to completely close/quit the CORE app.

DISCLAIMER: In a few devices, resetting might not work properly following the mentioned instructions. In these cases, let the battery fully drain, charge it again, and reset will work as intended.

CORE Recharging

Some power-pods or power banks do not correctly charge CORE. As CORE only requires a small charge, this can be too small to "wake-up" the power bank or keep it awake and in this case it simply will not charge. Please charge from the computer or a powered USB charging source.

Other connection and trouble-shooting topics

For an overview on connecting and trouble-shooting, the following article provides further guidance: Connecting to your CORE app

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