For our US based customers:

  • COREmedical can be considered as a clinical thermometer under the Emergency Use Authorization in support of the current Public Health Emergency COVID-19

  • COREmedical can be used to measure core body temperature in both clinical and non-clinical settings

For all customers:

Please keep note that COREmedical is not FDA nor CE medical approved/cleared.

  • COREmedical is not intended to substitute a medical grade thermometer. However, COREmedical is an ideal supplement to routine medical grade temperature screenings, such as those conducted prior to admission, or dismissal from/to any facility, building or regulated public areas.

  • CORE should be used by healthy adults in a stable environment and is only meant to inform you about your overall wellbeing. No medical advice can be concluded from the measured temperature data, and it cannot replace the services of health professionals. Deviations from the normal temperature range should be investigated by a health care professional. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of the temperature measurements by CORE.

  • To read the full disclaimer click here.

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