The CORE Body Temperature monitoring device is validated with an accuracy of 0.21ºC for both everyday (24/7) use and for sports / endurance sports.

The thermal energy transfer sensor used in CORE has undergone thousands of tests and been used in clinical trials and completed 5 years of research and development.

We have tested extensively against rectal thermometers and e-pills which are regarded as gold-standards in accuracy. Bladder catheters and heart catheters are also considered highly accurate methods for monitoring core body temperature though are also invasive.

For sports performance, e-pills are the preferred 'control' method used for validation studies and CORE has the same level of accuracy of e-pills (0.21ºC).

As a comparison, professional tympanic sensors have a confidence interval of 0.5 °C although only when used in an a controlled environment with the subject at rest and with the test conducted by a qualified health care professional.

CORE Accuracy and Validation: internal and external studies and comparison testing

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