With each CORE device you will find the following contents. (Don't forget to look under the black cardboard insert:

• CORE Device
• Quick Start Guide

• Magnetic USB Charging Cable

• 8 Medical Foam Patches

• Foam Patch Instruction Sheet

• Securing Clips
• Product information sheet

Products included in the CORE's package: CORE sensor, securing clips, charging cable, medical patches, quick start guide and product brochure.


Connect the charging cable to any USB power source (e.g. phone charger or computer). The magnetic end of the cable fits easily to the CORE device.

Fully charging a drained battery takes about two hours and one battery charge will last five to six days.

Please note, some power banks will not work as the CORE only draws a small amount of power so please use a computer or powered USB charging source.

Wipe the CORE sensor dry prior to charging and do not charge while it is attached to a soaking chest belt or any other wet garments. For further information, please read also the article here: https://help.corebodytemp.com/en/articles/5183774-charging-cable-care-and-trouble-shooting"

Connecting the charging cable to CORE


Disconnect the charging cable and shake CORE until the green light starts blinking.

This indicates that CORE has begun to measure and that it’s ready to connect with your smartphone, smartwatch or sports computer.

Shaking CORE to light up the green display.


Download and install the iOS CORE App or Android CORE App on your smartphone.

CORE app for iOS
CORE app for Android


Start the CORE app and follow the instructions on the screen.

Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your smart phone!

The CORE App lets you:
• Connect to CORE
• View your temperature date
• Perform software updates
• Pair to a Heart Rate Monitor

Step by step guide: How to connect CORE to the app

For your new CORE, ensure you update to the latest firmware.

Connect CORE to your smartphone app


Position CORE on the torso / chest area, about 20cm below the armpit using a heart rate monitor strap or the provided medical patches for the most accurate core body temperature measurements.

CORE can be worn elsewhere on the body such as on the arm or wrist however measurement accuracy can be reduced.

When CORE is mounted on a strap, don't forget to use the provided black plastic clips to ensure it remains in place.

The right place to place CORE is on the apical region of the body.


CORE continuously measures and broadcasts your core body temperature.

Live and historical data (up to 48 hours) can be viewed on the CORE iOS and Android App.

Data is transmitted over ANT+ and BLE and can also be viewed live and recorded on supported Wahoo, Garmin, and COROS computers and watches (in the FIT file) and then loaded in third-party software for analysis.

CORE connects to your training devices


For performance sports, CORE needs to be paired to a heart rate monitor (once) and it will automatically use the algorithm optimised for sports performance to deliver accurate core body temperature whenever the heart rate monitor is detected.

CORE Sports - Fast Start Guide

How to View / Analyse the data from CORE


You can easily ensure you get a long life from your CORE device with these steps.

Rinse your CORE device with water and mild soap after each use. The device can be disinfected with rubbing alcohol (70-75% ethanol or isopropanol). Do not use acetone or 100% alcohol as these solvents will attack the plastic material or color print.

Elevated temperatures will shorten battery life. Store CORE in a dry and cool location.

CORE Help and Support

We ensure the manuals and video guides for CORE are kept up to date.

The CORE FAQs answer many of the common questions from ordering and shipping to using CORE and trouble-shooting.

You can also contact us via the Contact/Messenger (green button on the bottom right of the main website). Your query will be forwarded directly to the person in the friendly CORE team who can best assist.

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