Here's a quick intro on how to wear CORE


Chest Strap

1. Slide CORE onto the chest strap.

2. Make sure logo is facing outward.

3. Add clips for additional fixation.

The CORE shape allows it to easily clip-on onto a chest strap, heart rate monitor strap or bra. The securing clips are an recommended additional fixation measure which ensure the CORE can't slip off (during active sport).

CORE attached to a chest strap using the securing clips

Adhesive Medical-Grade Patch

1. Remove small release liner.
2. Put CORE on the adhesive.
4. Remove large release liner.
4. Place CORE on skin.

The adhesive foam patches are medical grade and easy to use. The preferred mounting position is below the armpit, directly on the rib cage between pectoral muscle and latissimus muscle.

The adhesive patches are designed to be one use application and should be disposed of appropriately.

Medical-grade patches provided to use with CORE


Arm Strap

1. Insert one strap end onto CORE with the velcro side facing outside.

2. Fold strap onto itself to secure the velcro.

3. Repeat with the other side.

4. Adjust length as needed.

Note: While it is comfortable and convenient to wear CORE with an arm strap, please take note that the accuracy can be lower than when CORE is positioned on the chest.

CORE attached to the arm strap.


  • Clean CORE after every use, it can be rinsed with water and mild detergent.

  • The housing is resistant to rubbing alcohol (70-75% isopropanol or ethanol). Rubbing alcohol can be used for removing tenacious dirt and for disinfection. Do not use acetone or 100% alcohol as these solvents will attack the plastic material or color print.

  • Store CORE in a dry and cool place when not in use. Elevated temperatures will shorten battery life!

  • Regularly recharge battery (at least every 2 months) to extend battery capacity.

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